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All my life(in my life)Its my life(ohh yeahh)People thought that I was wrongand I know they didnt believe meI knew that I would carry onand I knew that they would seeI made a wish upon a starand that I had my dreamsHoping Ill go far cause its all that I needAll my lifeId been waiting to show the worldcause its my lifegonna let you know just what Im made ofand now that I see my destinymust have been waiting here for menow Im gonna make it rightIts my lifeAnd I think to myselfIve been longing fot this momentI feel Ive got nothing leftBut I dont want nothing elseCause I know that my timehas finally comeAnd I only hope that Ill be the oneIm standing hereI made it this farAnd I know I will never be the sameI close my eyesI can feel the changing rise withinthey call my namethey call my name

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Eklenme : 2013-02-22

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